Ao Nang Wedding


Ao Nang Wedding

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Ao Nang Wedding – There are many beautiful places in the world that awe and inspire. For people who love nature and peaceful places full of greenery, Thailand is the best spot. You can arrange your wedding in destinations full of nature and beaches with spectacular views.


There are many places in Krabi where arranging a marriage venue will be a great idea. One of these amazing places is the area surrounding Ao Nang. Klong Muang Beach is a comfortable place to marry away from the busy and hectic routine of the Krabi city.


It has a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful resorts and attractive spots. It is the main holiday destination in the southern Thailand region, apart from Phuket.  It has hotels, restaurants and beach bars which can serve as your venue.


We can arrange an Ao Nang wedding here, as this beach is different from the other more busy beaches. Ao Nang is one of the hottest new destinations in Thailand, it is a most popular town and is expanding because of the increasing number of visitors.


The beach is stunningly beautiful and provides a great choice of attractions such as longtail boat rides and quaint dining settings near the limestone karts. The mangrove forests can be explored by long tail boats too, and the rainforests are suitable for hiking. You can also spend a honeymoon trip here.


The beautiful islands are surrounded by turquoise, serene water without heavy waves. We know of a small resort which allows us to use their beach space, it has spectacular views and affordable prices. A wedding ceremony and dinner for 25 people can be organized for less than 2,500 AUD with flowers and photography.


There are many couples who plan their wedding in the area of Ao Nang because, especially in the places with fewer crowds. Most people prefer a private wedding, so you could plan your wedding in surrounding beaches of Ao nang  for utmost serenity.